Frequently Asked Questions

Why is wedding stationery so important?

Invitations and event stationery are important as it’s your guests first glimpse into your big day, and will generally set the tone of the day, while at the same time helping them prepare for your event, by providing them with essential information.

Wedding stationery can be as simple and straightforward as invitations and thank you cards, or can be more complex and consist of a whole suite that includes save-the-date cards, RSVP cards, Ceremony programs/order of service booklets, seating charts, place cards, menus... the list is pretty much endless.

In order to create the perfect invitations/suite, you’ll need to work out which elements are important to both of you, and stick to your budget.

When should you send invites?

It is recommended that save-the-date cards are posted a few months, or more, before the official wedding invitations are sent. Wedding invitations should be sent out about three months before the date of the wedding. Two months before is also acceptable, but any time closer to the big day, may result in guests having other plans already and they may not be able to attend.

At She Who Loves, we require a minimum of three weeks, and a maximum of six weeks to complete invitations. When ordering invitations, please ensure that you allow for enough time for them to be designed, printed and sent to you.

Helpful Tip!

It’s always handy to order extra’s to cater for misspelt names and late or lost invites.

What information needs to be included?

The most important information to include on your invitations is who you are! It may seem straight forward, but at times, this information has not been mentioned! In amongst all the excitement of planning a wedding, and being caught up in your own little wedding bubble, it’s easy to forget that you need to make absolutely every single detail clear to your guests, as they don’t know as much about your day as you do!

Next, you need to make sure the date, time of ceremony and location are clearly stated. Make sure, to include the year of the celebrations, especially if you are getting in super early and plan on sending your save-the-dates a year in advance. This immediately eliminates any possible confusion! Once you’ve got all of your ceremony details sorted, it is important to make clear of the reception details. Reception location and time should be included The time of the reception should be mentioned before the address if there is a delay after the ceremony. If there is a delay between the reception and ceremony, make sure you have something planned to keep your guests entertained! Whether it be a bar, or lawn games or even a ride on a houseboat should your wedding be located along the river!

You’ll need to include either an RSVP line or card to ensure that you know just how many guests to cater for. Leave yourself plenty of time to get everything organised between the RSVP date and the wedding date.

Make sure that it is clear on the invitation, just who is being invited. Be sure to include names. Another way to ensure your wishes have been made clear is to include a message such as ‘We have reserved ___ seats in your honour’. This eliminates any possibility of unplanned plus ones being added.

If you have guests travelling from interstate or overseas, it is important that you make their journey and stay enjoyable, and as stress free as possible. You want people to enjoy your wedding, not see it as a chore! Make sure you provide them with any necessary travel information, and provide them with a list of accomodation close to the reception venue that cater for a variety of budgets.

Who should you invite to your wedding?

Creating your wedding guest list can be a stressful time, and can often cause conflict between families and/or friends, and even between you and your partner.

Before starting your guest list, make sure you discuss if you want an intimate wedding or a big celebration.

Trying to decide who to invite can be very overwhelming.

First and foremost, sit down with your partner and draw up a list. Your guest list will ultimately be decided by your budget and venue size. Once you know just how many guests your budget and venue can cater for, you can start making cuts, should you need to.

Remember, you don’t need to invite friends’ partners that you haven’t met if they’re not married or living together.

How much should be budgeted for stationery?

Once you’ve worked out your guest list, you will be able to work out how much you can spend

on each invitation. According to the avaerage amount spent on stationery

per wedding, is $628! Costs can vary depending on the printing process, and materials used

in order to create the invitations.

An easy way to reduce costs is to have a child-free wedding. A polite way to make this clear to guests is to have your invitations carry a message like ‘we hope you understand our decision to have an adult-only event'.

Helpful Tip!

Be mindful to include postage costs in your stationery budget! The cost of stamps can add up quickly, and you may end up spending more then you had initially intended.

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